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Kayaoğlu Attorneys at Law, founded at Istanbul in 2020 in order to render legal services to it's clients.

Our law firm aims to provide both our Turkish and foreign clients with the highest quality and transparent legal services possible by combining the experiences of Att. Kaya Kayaoğlu in the fields of intellectual property rights law, and anti-piracy and compliance, commercial law and corporate law.

Our working system is based on the resolution of disputes faced by our clients as soon as possible, in a dynamic manner, by making use of domestic and international law knowledge and alternative dispute resolution methods.

Our law firm structures its services in accordance with the requirements of today's changing world. In this context; in order to prevent our clients from facing disputes, preventive actions are carried out before a dispute arises, and our clients are represented in all kinds of administrative and judicial bodies to produce effective solutions. In this context, we are taking support from our experience, activities and business partners of our law firm in both domestic and international fields.

With our office residing at Istanbul and our dynamic working system, we can render our services throughout Turkey.


We are working in order to render most accurate and fastest legal services possible for our Clients with our simultaneous works across different parts of Turkey especially in Technology Law, Anti-Piracy and Compliance and Data Protection Law.


In addition to this, we continue to render services to our Clients in accordance with their needs outside Turkey, primarily in UK, France, Greece, Romania and Bulgaria and anywhere with our partner law firms.

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Fikri ve Sınai Haklar
  • Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights Law
    With the entering into the 21st century and the development of communication networks and internet, it has become a necessity to protect both the distinctive products of companies and people, as well as their inventions, brands and intellectual and industrial property rights they own. Kayaoğlu Attorneys at Law provides below legal services regarding this matter; - Any legal procedure regarding the brands - Any legal procedure regarding patent rights - Any legal procedure regarding copyrights - Conducting civil and criminal legal actions against intellectual and industrial property rights infringements, infringement investigations - Preparation of contracts regarding intellectual and industrial property rights law and conducting contract negotiations - Infringement and unfair competition lawsuits - Determination lawsuits - Material, moral and reputation damages lawsuits - Annulment lawsuits against the decisions of the Turkish Patent and Brand Institute - Prevention of abuse of trade secrets - Providing legal consultancy services on intellectual property rights in mergers and acquisitions - International brand research, registration and transfers
  • Technology Law, Anti-Piracy And Compliance and Cyber Crimes
    Anti-Piracy and Compliance, which is a part of Technology Law and Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights Law, has become a necessity since the early 2000s in our country, especially in the fields of industry and R&D. Kayaoğlu Attorneys at Law provides below legal services regarding this matter; - Protecting authors’ rights arising out of software ownership, conducting determinations and raids via courts in order to end infringements, filing civil and criminal lawsuits, preventing profit loss of rightsholders - Providing trainings regarding intellectual property rights and anti-piracy and compliance to managers, experts and technical personnel within the companies - Providing legal counselling to companies regarding anti-piracy and compliance and conducting stress tests - Providing legal counselling and attorneyship services to technology companies - Preparation of contracts regarding technology law and conducting contract negotiations - Providing legal counselling and attorneyship services regarding cyber-crimes added to our Criminal Code (use of the information in the system without permission, transfer, change the system and its components in order to benefit, fraud committed by means of informatics, crimes of forgery), e-trade, execution of telecommunication services, user contracts, obtaining telecommunication licenses and general permissions, and service contracts
  • Maritime and Transportation Law
    As Kayaoğlu Attorneys at Law, we render attorneyship and consultancy services to our clients in the matters of preparation of freight and ship rental agreements, representation in the amendment and termination of contracts when necessary, in case of breach of contract participation in negotiations with the other party to end the violation and to cover the damages arising, contacting the mediation institution, ensure the implementation of the arbitration clause in the contract, execution of arrest of ships decision through authorized institutions. In addition to these our law firm also provide attorneyship and consultancy services in a wide range including but not limited to settling disputes through alternative dispute resolution methods, execution of precautionary measures, prejudice and imprisonment during or before trial, following transactions such as arrest of ships, application for the execution of the court decisions. There may be marine accidents for ships and yachts. As a result of these accidents, those following results may also occur: sinking of ships or yachts, regarding as a loss or physical or financial losses. We provide attorneyship and consultancy services to our clients in cases of compensation of damages to the sea and environmental pollution arising from marine accidents and in cases of objection to administrative fines, litigation for compensation of damages resulting from a maritime accident, making a denunciation and contacting insurance companies, when needed.
  • Commercial Law and Corporate Law
    As Kayaoğlu Attorneys at Law, we provide legal counselling and attorneyship services to our Clients in the field of corporate law including but not limited to company establishments, company liquidations, association agreements, board of directors decisions, general assembly decisions, company main contracts, capital structures, and acquisitions and share transfers and contract process management, participation in contract negotiations, providing branch unit document standardization and general legal counselling. In addition to these services, Kayaoğlu Attorneys at Law provides legal counselling and attorneyship services to their Clients regarding their any disputes arising out of trade law.
  • Data Protection Law and KVKK Compliance Processes
    "Data" has become the most valuable concept of our time in a world that has become digitalized and distances have disappeared with the spread of the internet, and this value is increasing day by day. In this context, the protection of personal data of real persons has become a necessity today by making the protection and processing of personal data subject to certain regulations, and the processing of personal data has been subject to certain regulations with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698. Kayaoğlu Attorneys at Law provides attorneyship and consultancy services to its clients in the following areas; - With KVK compliance processes created and operated specifically for each of our clients; harmonizing the work and actions of natural and legal persons who are data controllers in accordance with the data protection law in the light of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 and the Regulations issued pursuant to this Law and, where necessary, the GDPR, and in this context, including but not limited to ; - Organizing trainings, presentations and seminars for our clients' employees, - Preparing personal data processing inventory, - Establishing the necessary workflow and measures for the detection, classification and processing of sensitive data, - Preparing the necessary enlightening, consent documents and policies regarding the acquisition and processing of personal and sensitive personal data, - Ensuring that the processing of personal data is carried out in a controlled manner, - Providing technical support to our clients, taking necessary technical precautions for storing and accessing personal data, preparing processes and workflows for deletion, destruction and anonymization, - Establishing technical and administrative measures to limit access to personal data and to protect it, - Revising contracts to which our clients are a party in compliance with the current legislation, - Fulfilling the obligations of our Clients, who have VERBIS registration obligation, - Establishment of the audit structure regarding compliance with the legislation within the company, - Establishing a mechanism within the company for notifying the Board in case of personal data breach, - Providing legal services in administrative, legal and criminal legal processes initiated for the persons whose personal data are processed and/or on behalf of and/or against the data controller
  • Cryptocurrency Regulations
    Blockchain technology, which started to be developed in the 90’s, has become popular all over the world with Bitcoin. Various “coin”s such as Ethereum, XRP, Tether, which were launched after Bitcoin, and many “token”s using these coin infrastructures have started to find a place in the world markets and have become a part of the financial system that increases its importance day by day. In this context, our law firm keeps up with the requirements of the changing world, with a pioneering perspective; providing legal consultancy services to crypto money exchanges, wallet service providers (hot / cold wallets) and clients who operate or wishes to operate in this field. In this context, without being limited to below, following services are offered to our clients; - Providing general legal consultancy services to our clients in the field of crypto monies and defi - Providing the necessary legal documentation by providing legal consultancy services to clients during coin and token public offerings (ICO) processes (e.g. preparing relevant parts of whitepaper) - Managing ICO processes for our clients - Providing legal consultancy and representation services in legal disputes arising from crypto monies
  • Labor and Social Security Law
    As Kayaoğlu Attorneys at Law; we provide legal counselling and attorneyship services to Clients regarding managing business relations and following lawsuit procedures within the framework of Labor Law. For companies; we provide legal counselling and attorneyship services in order to overcome the problems encountered in the field of labor law, including structuring labor law procedures, establishing and implementing personnel employment contracts and regulations, managing the ongoing business relationship with personnel within the framework of labor law, structuring the human resources unit, before these disputes arise.
  • Real Estate Law
    Our Law Firm has experience especially in the conflicts over immovables which are transferred through inheritance from the period of exchange. In these types of cases, the investigation of the ownership of the real estate is carried out and afterwards procedures regarding transfer of ownership to the real owner are carried out.
  • Debt Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law
    Kayaoğlu Attorneys at Law conducts an efficient work with its experience in the field of enforcement and bankruptcy law. In order to collect the claims of our clients, we work in order to collect the claim within the shortest time and in the most effective way. In this context, the necessary information about the debtor and it’s assets are investigated and shared with the clients. Afterwards, the necessary legal procedures are conducted quickly and attorneyship service is provided to collect the claims of our clients.
  • Arbitration and Other Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods
    In case requested by our clients, Kayaoğlu Attorneys at Law provides legal services regarding resolution of disputes that our clients face by applying alternative dispute resolution methods such as adhoc and international arbitration, arbitration agreements, mediation, compulsory mediation, negotiation.
  • Legal Courses
    Our law firm provides trainings to compliance to managers, experts and technical personnel within the companies in accordance with our clients needs. We provide below trainings to our clients; - Anti-Piracy and Compliance courses and Stress Tests - Labor Law courses - Contract Law courses - Intellectual Property Law courses - Electronic Commerce Law courses - IT Law courses

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Our Team


Att. Kaya Kayaoğlu
Founder Lawyer
+90 212 295 37 93

With completing his high school education in an English based institution, Att. Kaya Kayaoğlu completed his university education in Marmara University Faculty of Law in 2014.


Att. Kaya Kayaoğlu, gained experience on maritime law, corporate law and international transportation law at one of leading law firm in Turkey during both at his summer internships and legal internship period.


Continuing his career as an associate and later as a senior associate at a top tier leading law firm at intellectual and industrial property rights law in Turkey, Att. Kaya Kayaoğlu, conducted anti-piracy and compliance procedures for world-renowned multi-national software companies in order to protect their intellectual property rights in the most efficient manner possible, with fighting piracy via civil and criminal courts.


Att. Kaya Kayaoğlu also has an expertise on protection of intellectual property rights of software and anti-piracy and compliance with having an active role on ending software infringements at more than thousand companies in Turkey with his technical expertise. In addition to these services, Att. Kaya Kayaoğlu has provided all kinds of legal services to companies of all capacities and sizes in the fields of corporate and contract law, as well as legal consultancy services.


Att. Kaya Kayaoğlu founded Kayaoğlu Attorneys at Law by combining his experiences; with aiming to provide its clients with fast, effective and accurate legal services in accordance with the 21st century working systems with a perfectionist legal approach.


You can kindly contact us and receive additional information regarding our legal services from below contact information.


Telephone : +90 212 295 37 93

                   +90 541 313 77 96


Address : Merkez Mah. Sadabad Cad. No.20 Kat:1 D.2 
                34406 Kağıthane/İSTANBUL

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